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The Economics of Litigation

We run lean and mean, keeping our overhead in check. We bring that same efficiency to every client and every case.

The Economics of Litigation

It is often said that the cost of civil litigation has risen to the point that clients cannot afford to litigate anything other than the biggest cases. We find that offensive. The problem is that as firms get big, so does the overhead, which drives rates skyward. There is substantial cost associated with A+ office space, large art collections, and staffing intended to impress. The overhead per lawyer at many large firms is staggering.

Over the last decade, hourly rates for litigation at big firms have skyrocketed. Cost-sensitive clients have been driven away completely, or told that the case cannot be economically handled. Even companies with the resources to pay the highest hourly rates must still justify the economics of deciding to proceed with litigation versus settling or abandoning a claim. Lawyer's bills should not be the paramount factor in deciding whether to proceed with litigation -- the paramount factor should be the merits of the case!

We work for many companies and insurers who carefully manage litigation costs and outcomes. They appreciate our value added approach to litigation, low overhead and the efficiency we bring to every case.

Litigation, even with reasonable rates, can be expensive. We endeavor to establish a litigation strategy on each case that is focused upon achieving the desired result without waste of time or money. We believe that litigation is like surgery and should never be performed without a reliable diagnosis and a scalpel in skilled hands.

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