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Trucking Industry Defense Attorneys

No one in the Pacific Northwest devotes more to the defense of the trucking industry than Hitt Hiller Monfils Williams LLP. Trucking is the single largest portion of our practice. It is an area in which we are widely known and respected.

Trucking Defense

With the experience of handling thousands of trucking cases and claims for companies of all sizes, we have seen it all.

We are on immediate response teams for trucking companies and insurers because of our vast experience and because we get results.

We deal with DOT investigations and inspections, work with accident reconstructionists and respond to the scene of major accidents throughout the Pacific Northwest.

We are often called on to speak at OTA and ATA seminars. And our clients, who include some of the best known names in the industry, call on us because of our commitment to the industry.

Trucking Defense Cases

  • Mass freeway pileups
  • Roll overs and improperly loaded or secured trailers
  • Brake failures
  • Road rage
  • Bridge collisions
  • Pilot car error
  • Diesel fuel-hazardous material spills
  • Government clean-ups
  • Right-turn squeeze collisions
  • Cargo (Carmack Amendment) claims
  • Workers' compensation claims
  • Discrimination and retaliation claims
  • Death and catastrophic injuries
  • Fraudulent soft tissue back and neck claims
  • Owner Operator Leases
  • Brokers and freight forwarders
  • Federal Leasing Regulations
  • MCS-90 and insurance coverage issues
  • Hours of Service Violations
  • Punitive damage claims

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