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Professional Liability

We represent professionals in lawsuits and before professional licensing boards. These claims threaten the professional reputation of the individual and even the ability to work. These claims usually cause the involved professional enormous stress and evoke strong emotions. We help lawyers, doctors, dentists, nurses, and other professionals and organizations solve their problem. The solution can be an early settlement, or it can be aggressively pushing for a jury trial or administrative hearing. Each situation is unique, and we work closely with the professional and any involved insurers to get the claim evaluated accurately and develop realistic agreed goals.

These types of cases generally require expert testimony on the standard of care for the liability portion of the claim. We use outstanding experts to review cases and opine whether the applicable standard of care was met.

Legal and medical malpractice cases often involve significant issues related to causation and damages. Explaining that a bad outcome was not the result of the alleged professional error is a challenge we tackle regularly. The lawyers at Hitt Hiller Monfils Williams are well equipped to handle these types of issues.

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